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  • July-Sept - Purchase Membership
  • Sept/Oct- form teams
  • Oct/Nov – Coaches’ Training
  • Nov – secure judge and shift worker for each team
  • Dec – Register team for tournament
  • Jan – Tournament Registration Deadline
  • Feb– Judges’ Training
  • Mar - State Tournament
  • May – World Finals Tournament


1. Plan Your Program.

  • Secure coaches
  • Determine who will sponsor your teams and who will fund your program.
  • Decide how you will form teams

2. Promote Your Program.

  • Send home information with students
  • Hold an informational meeting for your school and/or community.

3. Purchase or Renew School/Organization Membership(s).

You can purchase your membership online at . You will be able to access the full length problems once they are released by logging in at the Member Area.

4. Form Teams. Gather information about interested students and form teams. See team formation for more information.


5. Help Coaches Get Started.

Share resources for team building, spontaneous practice, long-term problems, and tournament procedures. Make sure each coach at least has a copy of their team’s problem and the Program Guide, and that they know how to access the Member Area of the OotM site, as well as how to check/ask clarifications.

6. Coaches’ Training.

Encourage all coaches to attend the MO OotM Coaches Training.


7. Secure one judge and shift worker for each team.

Each team is required to secure one person to volunteer to be trained to judge at the state tournament. The judge will not be able to see their team perform. Each team is also responsible to supply one person to work a 2 hour shift at the tournament. The shift worker will be able to see their team perform.


8. Communicate With Coaches.

Touch base with coaches about any questions or support needs they may have. Remind them of upcoming deadlines.

9. Online Registration begins. 


10. Register team(s) for the tournament.

The Registration fee for each team is $75 Early Registration and $100 per team for Regular Registration.


11. Clarification Deadline.

Remind coaches to have teams submit any final clarifications before the deadline and make sure coaches are aware of all required forms.

12. Judges’ Training

13. Communicate with Coaches/Teams/Principal about Tournament.

Make sure coaches have all of the tournament information they need. Remind parents/coaches of the importance of supervising children throughout tournament.


14. State Tournament

Tournament schedules, maps, general information/procedures, and rules will be posted on and the Missouri Odyssey of the Mind FaceBook page.

15. Help Any Advancing Teams.

If any of your teams advance to the World Finals in May, they may need help with fundraising and travel arrangements.


16. Advancing teams prepare for World Finals


17. World Finals Tournament

1st and 2nd place teams in each problem/division from the State Finals Tournament and any Ranatra Fusca winners may be invited to compete. World Finals will be held May 25-28 on the Iowa State University campus in Ames, Iowa.

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