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TEAMS MUST FILL OUT FORMS BEFORE ARRIVING TO COMPETITION. The team will present their forms to the staging area judge 20 minutes before their long-term solution. If forms are not filled out correctly and there is time, the staging area judge will allow the team to complete the forms.

Team members fill out the forms. Primary and Div I team members may have their coach fill out the forms, but the coach MUST be the scribe only - writing only what the team says.

Required forms

  • Style form: The style form describes the four items chosen by the team for scoring (two required and two free choice), along with an explanation about how the four items fit together in the performance. Required copies: 4.  PDF
  • Outside assistance form: The outside assistance form is a form for hte team to declare if any outside assistance was received from coaches, parents, or anyone else. It is based on the honor system, but judges may also assess an outside assistance penalty if they observe outside assistance before the performance (a parent helping a team member put on makeup) or if after the performance a team member states they received assistance while explaining part of their solution. Required copies: 1. PDF
  • Materials cost form: All Odyssey of the Mind problems have cost limits to ensure no team has an unfair resource advantage. This form itemizes expenditures of the team. If a team exceeds the cost limit, it will be penalized. If a team fails to list any of its items on the cost form, the staging area judge will allow them to add the value of those items. If adding the value puts them over the cost limit, judges will assess a penalty. Certain items have assigned values or are exempt from cost. Required copies: 1. , PDF
  • Required list form (problem specific): This form usually identifies certain characters that the problem requires, signals and objectives of the skit, and a brief description of technical elements of the performance. Each problem has different versions of the form every year. In addition, the form usually asks for the signal the team will use to end their performance - many teams historically say “time”, but any signal may be used. Required copies: 4
  • Problem clarifications - If the team submitted any problem clarification questions on the Odyssey of the Mind website, they will need to bring their clarification responses for their clarifications to the competition with them and hand them to the staging area judge. Required copies: 1
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