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 +======Membership Sign======
 +{{ :​membership_sign.jpg?​300|}}
 +Each team must have a membership sign displayed and visible from at least 25 feet throughout its performance. Teams may have multiple signs, but teams must designate one if they have it as a scored element. If a team forgets their sign, or hasn't made one, they  may create one while in the Staging Area, if there is time. The team will receive a penalty if they have no sign. They may also receive a penalty if the team sign is not visible throughout the entire performance. (-1 to -15 points).
 +                    ​
 +The team sign must have the membership name and number. The name may be spelled out or abbreviated,​ as long as the abbreviations are recognizable by the judges. For example, George Washington High School may read George Washington HS or Geo. Washington HS, but GWHS is insufficient. If a membership card contains any other information,​ such as Team A, Team B, and so on, that must appear on the sign as well, either spelled out or abbreviated,​ e.g., Tm A. This required information on your membership sign must appear in the language of your tournament host at all times. It may also contain other information,​ if the team wishes.
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