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 +======Team Building======
 +Team building is essential for helping a group of kids turn into a cohesive unit. Team building develops understanding that the team needs to work as a cohesive unit to be successful, builds trust, and helps team members recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
 +This will strengthen the team's confidence by: knowing names, team members feeling comfortable talking around one another, conflict resolution (how do decide on which idea gets picked?), and listening.
 +Division I (elementary) teams generally spend more time, especially in the beginning of the year, on team building. Team members that have participated before should always consider how new team members feel entering a team of children who have experience in the program.
 +=====Team Building “Games”=====
 +These games are designed for very new groups, but more experienced teams could find use in them as well. A simple Google search will turn up numerous websites ( is an excellent resource).
 +  *Name games: If they don’t know each other, it’s hard to trust each other
 +    *Circle games: Name with motion, name rap/rhyme, name with characteristics about yourself, throw the ball with a name, keep a balloon up with names
 +    *Question game: Grid with question for each member to answer and then find another team member with the same answer, two truths and a lie
 +  *Human knot:
 +    *Do it once normally - They will probably shout at each other. Physically touching each other builds camaraderie (like a football team).
 +    *Decide on a goal and modify the game. For example, all team members close their eyes except one who gives directions or no one can talk.
 +    *Time each iteration and discuss improvements. Why is the team getting faster?
 +  *Cup game: Do as a group all at once or pass one cup around 1)
 +  *Thumper (another variant is called signs): One member bangs hands on table, someone calls out “what are we playing”” everyone says “thumper!”,​ then the person who called out does his or her symbol and someone else’s, that person does their symbol and someone else’s until someone messes up
 +  *Practice a team chant
 +  *Cross the river: Designate a 25 foot wide river and give them 5-7 pieces of paper. They have to cross the river, as a team, without losing touch with each other
 +  *The maze: Put a masking tape grid on a tarp and give the team a path noted out on a piece of paper that matches the tarp grid - they have to use signals to get someone through the grid
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