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Ranatra Fusca Pins

2019 Missouri pins are a tribute to the Ranatra Fusca Award.

The Ranatra Fusca Award, named for the water strider insect, promotes and recognizes exceptional creativity. This award represents the essence of the Odyssey of the Mind program. The Ranatra Fusca Award is given to teams or individuals who display tremendous creativity at competition. This award serves as an incentive for risk-taking and out-of-the-box thinking for Odyssey participants.

One pin illustrates the water strider while the other pin shows a student design that was the inspiration for the Award. Students in Dr. Sam's engineering class modeled their invention after the water strider. While it did not work, the design was extremely creative. In our version, Omer is falling from the device and into the water at Glassboro State University.

MO OotM Omer

MO OotM Renatra pin.jpg

2019 MO Odyssey of the Mind Pins.

Designs by Plano Pin Co. 

2019 State Shirt

2019 Missouri State Shirt  



Missouri OM will be holding
a Virtual/Online State Tournament only this year
 in order to provide teams, coaches, and officials a
safe experience during the pandemic. We look forward to this new avenue of competition with you and your teams!

Important deadlines:

January 31, 2020 —Virtual State Tournament Registration.  Judges must be submtted at this time.

March 13, 2021— Virtual State Tournament Solution Submission. All team submissions and paperwork for the Virtual State Tournament must be received by this date.

April 10, 2021 — Virtual State Tournament Awards Ceremony for the Missouri Virtutal State Tournament.

     For information contact:
    Jerlyn Jones
    Association Director

Here is a great video tutorial series about the entire process of a virtual solution from start to finish!


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